Novels & Short Story Collections

FURNACE On a routine transport mission to a human colony, Lieutenant Michael Chalmers is pulled out of hyper-sleep a month early. The RSA Rockne Hummel is well off course and—as the ship’s navigator—it’s up to him to figure out why. It’s supposed to be a simple fix, but when he attempts to identify their position in the known universe, nothing registers on his scans. Nothing at all. The vessel has catapulted beyond the reach of starlight by at least a hundred trillion light-years.

Then a dwarf planet materializes behind them. It’s burning bright even without a star to heat it. Hundreds of damaged ships are locked in its orbit, but before the scanners go offline, the crew verifies that there are no life-signs aboard any of them. As system failures sweep through the Hummel, neither Chalmers nor the pilot can prevent the vessel from crashing into the surface near a mysterious ancient city.

And that’s where they meet the clown king and his Watchmen. That’s where the real nightmare begins.

JUSTIFY THE THRILL: STORIES INSPIRED BY THE MUSIC OF BLUES TRAVELER BLUES TRAVELER is a Grammy Award winning rock band from Princeton, New Jersey. By combining bits of blues, rock, pop, funk, and jazz, BLUES TRAVELER has managed a rare balance as both a live juggernaut with a harmonica virtuoso and a studio wizard producing classic albums such as Four and Suzie Cracks the Whip. Since its formation in 1987, the band has sold over 10 million albums, performed more than 2,000 live shows, held the Billboard record for longest-charting single, appeared in several feature films, and founded the legendary music festival H.O.R.D.E.

In JUSTIFY THE THRILL, Joseph Williams adapts fifteen BLUES TRAVELER songs into short stories across a variety of genres, from heartbreaking westerns and weird science fiction to creature horror and dark fantasy.

STASIK II: PARIN Conor Stasik is going insane, and it's easy to see why. His best friend is a zombie, the woman he loves is leaving him to return to the fleet, and an evil cosmic god named Parin is slowly turning him into a deranged killer. On top of all that, he's trying to stop a Parin-worshipping cult from spreading a virus which turns corpses into bloodthirsty killing machines through an ancient culling ritual called the Harvest. Sprinkle in some man-eating snow monsters, a psychotic clown from another reality, and enemies of humanity at every turn, and he's bound to crack eventually. The question is, what happens then?

BUNYAN UNDEAD For months, Northern Michigan has been quarantined from the rest of the world. Thousands of zombies roam the shores of Lake Huron. A virus has decimated crops, tainted the water supply, and rendered the local game inedible, making humans the only reliable food source within a hundred miles for the living and undead alike. Short of wiping the Midwestern United States from the face of the Earth, the government doesn't have many options, and the chances of survival for the uninfected are grim. Angus, Marina, Nun, and Haley—four survivors in the quarantine zone with intersecting paths—have plenty to keep them occupied. And then a new evil arrives. His name is Paul Bunyan, and he's about to make things a lot worse.

STASIK I: ORIGINS Conor Stasik has just broken into an alien research facility where humans are tortured and dissected, but aliens are the least of his problems. Something else is roaming the haunted cellblocks and blood-soaked laboratories, something far more vicious. Human and alien corpses are everywhere. Hung from ceilings, stuffed into vents, torn apart limb from limb with bite marks from head to toe. Nearly everyone is dead, but that doesn't stop them from walking. Or biting.

GRATEFUL DEAD is one of the most iconic American bands of the past century. Through thirty years of relentless touring and dozens of albums, the group earned a reputation for their unique live shows and the eclectic, improvisational nature of their music. They have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, received a Grammy Award for Lifetime Achievement, played in front of the Pyramids of Giza, and were listed as one of Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. Recently, their performance from May 8th, 1977 was added to the Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry for being culturally relevant to the history of the United States. The band has sold more than 35 million albums worldwide.

In TIMBERS OF FENNARIO, author Joseph Williams adapts eighteen beloved GRATEFUL DEAD songs into short stories in a variety of genres. Fans of the band and newcomers alike will enjoy Williams’ interpretations of these songs and their connection to the mysterious land of Fennario, a place as enchanting as it is heartbreaking. Stories include Terrapin Station, Weather Report Suite, Hell in a Bucket, Dark Star, and more.

THE HUNT After completing her freshman year of college in East Lansing, DOREEN WOODS returns to her hometown of Northville, Michigan with plenty of problems. A drug-dealer boyfriend who has her hooked on his new product. An alcoholic father who abuses his wife. A history of body image issues. Paralyzing bouts of depression. Cutting. Things are about to get worse. She's just called her best friend, Katy, to drive her home from a long night of partying, but Katy has other plans for Doreen. Like having her chased by a soul-sucking demon across a nightmarish landscape of haunted forests, endless oceans, and hungry undead, all while experiencing withdrawal from her new drug of choice: the little doctors. But there is more to fear in the shadows than monsters and demons. Doreen soon learns that, when you're in THE HUNT, nothing is ever what it seems, and there's only one way out.

TEA LEAF GREEN is an award-winning band from San Francisco featuring Josh Clark, Trevor Garrod, Reed Mathis, Cochrane McMillan, and Scott Rager. Blending bits of rock, folk, jazz, and blues, the band has carved a name for themselves with their rich songwriting and outstanding live shows. To date, they have recorded seven studio albums, the most recent of which (Radio Tragedy!) garnered widespread critical acclaim upon its release in 2011.

In SWINGING FROM STARS, Joseph Williams takes fifteen career spanning songs from TEA LEAF GREEN and uniquely adapts them into a variety of genres, from Barnyard Romance and Western to Fantasy and Psychological Horror. Fans of the band and newcomers alike will enjoy Williams' interpretations and deliberate twists of these beloved songs.

DETROIT MACABRE Detroit is the scariest city in America. In this collection of thirteen original horror stories, Joseph Williams shows exactly why. With tales of deranged doctors, serial killers, zombies, vengeful witches, and ghost trains, Williams exposes the terrors of Detroit and the haunted wilderness of Michigan. Read if you dare and with fair warning. If you start now, the nightmares may just be gone by next year. Maybe.