Released: January 21st, 2016 | Published by: Severed Press

On a routine transport mission to a human colony, Lieutenant Michael Chalmers is pulled out of hyper-sleep a month early. The RSA Rockne Hummel is well off course and—as the ship’s navigator—it’s up to him to figure out why. It’s supposed to be a simple fix, but when he attempts to identify their position in the known universe, nothing registers on his scans. Nothing at all. The vessel has catapulted beyond the reach of starlight by at least a hundred trillion light-years.

Then a dwarf planet materializes behind them. It’s burning bright even without a star to heat it. Hundreds of damaged ships are locked in its orbit, but before the scanners go offline, the crew verifies that there are no life-signs aboard any of them. As system failures sweep through the Hummel, neither Chalmers nor the pilot can prevent the vessel from crashing into the surface near a mysterious ancient city.

And that’s where they meet the clown king and his Watchmen. That’s where the real nightmare begins.

(FURNACE) is one hell of a deliciously disturbing ride. Joseph Williams brilliantly captures the soul-crushing despair of Hell itself. An incredibly engrossing descent into what depths one will go to in order to survive. FURNACE is a wonderfully macabre sci-fi horror thriller that kept me turning the pages from beginning to end.” - Davila LeBlanc, author of Dark Transmissions