Released: September, 2014 | Published by: Severed Press

Conor Stasik is going insane, and it's easy to see why. His best friend is a zombie, the woman he loves is leaving him to return to the fleet, and an evil cosmic god named Parin is slowly turning him into a deranged killer. On top of all that, he's trying to stop a Parin-worshipping cult from spreading a virus which turns corpses into bloodthirsty killing machines through an ancient culling ritual called the Harvest. Sprinkle in some man-eating snow monsters, a psychotic clown from another reality, and enemies of humanity at every turn, and he's bound to crack eventually. The question is, what happens then?

“Visions of Parin” paints a particularly haunting image of cabin fever in outer space. What happens when you see the face of evil and you’re stuck on a ship with nowhere to run?" Bloody Disgusting

“Cutting the Cord” by Joseph Williams…is a clever story about robots so human-like that they experience love, jealousy…and revenge. Immediately captivating.” The HorrorZine



After establishing the basics of the Stasik universe in ORIGINS within the confined environments of the Kalak research facility/prison on Baru Sheen and the decks of the Doorway, I wanted to branch out into other parts of the galaxy, places that were previously untouched by fleet influence. I wanted the locations to feel ancient and separate from humanity in some places (like Shehoora), even though the humanoid cultures aren’t wholly different than what we’re accustomed to seeing (at least, not in this volume).

At heart, the Stasik books are meant to be military science fiction, which can sometimes mean that the scope of the story has been limited to a single engagement, mission, or battle. But Stasik is also a space opera, and PARIN is a better representation of that particular genre-subset than the first volume. PARIN takes us to several different planets and facilities rather than just the one main setting (Baru Sheen) of the ORIGINS plot line, but it also separates the main characters from their anchor to humanity within the fleet, which leads to disagreements between Conor and Wendy regarding where their duties lie. Wendy’s character is much more fleshed out in PARIN as well, and will continue to take on a larger role in HARVEST. She’s one character in particular with whom I’d like to write a few spin-off novels/stories.

As I said in the features section on ORIGINS, I’ve approached the story arcs for Stasik like a comic series or TV show, and I think that’s especially apparent in PARIN. It was fun to explore how Stasik changes from coping with Dorothy’s death and joining the fleet in volume one to dealing with the aftermath of Baru Sheen and having to re-evaluate his role in the fleet now that he has a chance to leave it forever. It was also interesting to explore the psychological effects of the horrors he experienced during his first mission while other agents are affecting his body chemistry.

PARIN is a big step outward from the claustrophobia of ORIGINS into the larger Stasik universe. It lays the groundwork for the fleet prequels as well as the conclusion to the Parin trilogy, after which more can be revealed in these reflections. The book also includes the short story “Cutting the Cord” from the Post Mortem Press anthology FEAR THE ABYSS.

Stay tuned for more info on STASIK III: HARVEST!


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