Released: June, 2013 | Published by: Severed Press

CONOR STASIK has just broken into an alien research facility where humans are tortured and dissected, but aliens are the least of his problems. Something else is roaming the haunted cellblocks and blood-soaked laboratories, something far more vicious. Human and alien corpses are everywhere. Hung from ceilings, stuffed into vents, torn apart limb from limb with bite marks from head to toe. Nearly everyone is dead, but that doesn't stop them from walking. Or biting.

“Visions of Parin” paints a particularly haunting image of cabin fever in outer space. What happens when you see the face of evil and you’re stuck on a ship with nowhere to run?" Bloody Disgusting

“Cutting the Cord” by Joseph Williams…is a clever story about robots so human-like that they experience love, jealousy…and revenge. Immediately captivating.” The HorrorZine