Released: June, 2013 | Published by: Severed Press

CONOR STASIK has just broken into an alien research facility where humans are tortured and dissected, but aliens are the least of his problems. Something else is roaming the haunted cellblocks and blood-soaked laboratories, something far more vicious. Human and alien corpses are everywhere. Hung from ceilings, stuffed into vents, torn apart limb from limb with bite marks from head to toe. Nearly everyone is dead, but that doesn't stop them from walking. Or biting.

“Visions of Parin” paints a particularly haunting image of cabin fever in outer space. What happens when you see the face of evil and you’re stuck on a ship with nowhere to run?" Bloody Disgusting

“Cutting the Cord” by Joseph Williams…is a clever story about robots so human-like that they experience love, jealousy…and revenge. Immediately captivating.” The HorrorZine



As much as I learned from writing THE HUNT, I was thoroughly drained from the process by the time the book was published, and in order to properly recharge, needed to work on a project that I enjoyed every single day. I’d also developed into a pretty big sci-fi nerd by then (or rather, finally outed myself as a sci-fi nerd after a decades-spanning love affair…see UNINTELLIGIBLE RANT #1), and wanted to start building my own sci-fi universe from the ground up.

To that end, I conceptualized the Stasik universe from a few plot strings I’d laid out in the short story “Visions of Parin” and have never had so much fun writing in my life. The fun level has been so ridiculously high, in fact, that I’ve completely dedicated myself to building the universe over the past couple of years through 6 of my last 7 novels and about a dozen short stories.

I’ve approached tales from the Stasik universe (with three prequel fleet novels forthcoming as well as the third Stasik volume) like a TV show or comic for the most part. The seeds of several story arcs are planted in the first two books and I’m hoping I’ll be able to continue the series long enough to explore them all. In a perfect world, I’d like to do 10+ books or even continue to publish Stasik volumes indefinitely, but we’ll see whether or not that’s in the cards.

Knowing that I wanted to sustain the character for several books, ORIGINS was designed as an introduction to Conor Stasik’s personal background and reasons for joining the fleet, as well as a brief glimpse into the way that fleet warships operate and the political climate of the Second Kalak War. I didn’t want to completely overwhelm the reader all at once with new alien races, worlds, and political structures, so it made sense to focus on a single mission early in Stasik’s military career rather than pick up the story depicting him as a grizzled, infallible veteran with near superhuman combat expertise like most military sci-fi soldiers. Stasik is flawed, and that was an important point for me to make early on. He makes bad decisions. He gets nervous. He gets depressed. He’s a little trigger-happy under stress. And he’s never going to be perfect. I think ORIGINS makes that clear and provides a comfortable introduction to the character.

Beyond ORIGINS and beyond Stasik himself, though, the entire Parin trilogy (ORIGINS, PARIN, and HARVEST) is one big introduction to the Stasik universe, after which I plan to write more episodic novels, novellas, and short stories, hopefully even branching off to give certain characters their own ‘spin-offs’.

ORIGINS is a fun, action-packed, military sci-fi/horror novel, and the start of what I hope will be a long and fruitful relationship. The book also contains the short story “Visions of Parin” which was originally published in the Post Mortem Press Lovecraft-themed anthology TORN REALITIES, and also also appeared on the blog for the band Umphrey’s McGee.


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