Released: November, 2012 | Published by: Severed Press

After completing her freshman year of college in East Lansing, DOREEN WOODS returns to her hometown of Northville, Michigan with plenty of problems. A drug-dealer boyfriend who has her hooked on his new product. An alcoholic father who abuses his wife. A history of body image issues. Paralyzing bouts of depression. Cutting. Things are about to get worse. She's just called her best friend, Katy, to drive her home from a long night of partying, but Katy has other plans for Doreen. Like having her chased by a soul-sucking demon across a nightmarish landscape of haunted forests, endless oceans, and hungry undead, all while experiencing withdrawal from her new drug of choice: the little doctors. But there is more to fear in the shadows than monsters and demons. Doreen soon learns that, when you're in THE HUNT, nothing is ever what it seems, and there's only one way out.

“I loved The Hunt. It moves with impressive whip-crackle intensity, dragging us into a world of obsession and despair and cumulative horror that reminds me of a young Clive Barker taking aim at society and exposing its pulsing raw red underbelly.” Tim Curran, author of Skull Moon and Long Black Coffin

The Hunt is a cautionary tale as written by Lewis Carroll if Lewis Carroll was in the middle of a Clive Barker reading binge. The writing is taut and pulls you along until you can’t do anything but read another page, and another, and another. Williams creates characters you might want to smack the hell out of, but you can’t help believing. I recommend it unreservedly.” Paul Anderson, editor of Jamais Vu and Torn Realities

“Joseph Williams’ The Hunt takes the reader on a perilous excursion through a young girl’s twisted fears and ruined life, across other dimensions and ahead…barely ahead…of the sinister Dr. Rull, whose games are as macabre as they are vicious. The Hunt is worth the journey!” Robert E. Vardeman, author of The Resonance of Blood and Star Trek: Mutiny on the Enterprise

“Joseph Williams is a hell of a writer, and The Hunt is one hell of a book. A strong statement? Perhaps. But I think you’ll be hard-pressed to disagree once you delve into this genuinely unsettling narrative about a young woman who goes through a hellish ordeal—literally…The horror on offer here is of the Barker-esque stripe. The descriptions of the various set-pieces bring to mind a Dali painting fired through the lens of a maniac’s kaleidoscope. Heavy stuff, but right up the alley of most horror fans. Take a look at The Hunt and just try to tell me that Williams isn’t a name to look out for.” Brad Carter, author of Saturday Night of the Living Dead and (dis)Comfort Food